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4 Days: Sirimon Route Up and Down


The Sirimon Route is one of the popular routes for climbing Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Africa. It offers a scenic and less crowded option compared to other routes. The standard itinerary for the Sirimon Route takes around 5-6 days to complete. However, if you have limited time and would like to attempt it in 4 days,

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Day 1: Nairobi-Sirimon Gate (2,650 meters) to Old Moses Camp (3,300 meters)

After pick up in Nairobi, drive to Nanyuki town for lunch crossing the equator en route to the Sirimon Park gate (2,660m). From the gate, trek through magnificent montane forest, bamboo and giant heather zone before reaching the high altitude moorland and our first hut (Old Moses camp 3,300m) for dinner and overnight. This is a gentle trek that takes 3 – 4hrs gaining an elevation of 680m.

Day 2: Old Moses Camp (3,300 meters) to Shipton’s Camp (4,200 meters)

Continue your ascent through the moorland. The trail becomes steeper, and you’ll pass Likii Valley before reaching Shipton’s Camp, situated below the towering peaks of Mount Kenya.

Day 3: Acclimatization day at Shipton’s Camp

This day is dedicated to acclimatization. Take a short hike to gain altitude during the day, and then return to Shipton’s Camp for rest and acclimatization.

Day 4: Shipton’s Camp (4,200 meters) to Point Lenana (4,985 meters) and descend to Sirimon Gate to Nairobi

Start your summit attempt in the early morning hours, usually around 2-3 am. The trail leads to Point Lenana, the third-highest peak on Mount Kenya. Watch the sunrise from the summit and enjoy the panoramic views. Descend back to Shipton’s Camp and continue down to the Sirimon Gate to meet a vehicle for transfer to Nanyuki town and further to Nairobi arriving by 5.00pm.

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